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Good morning everyone. I am so excited as I write this post. thebrowniris//PROJECT, which I wrote about earlier; herehere, & here; is finally up! 🙂

Since the whole team is based in Mumbai, we decided the theme for the first collaboration would be based on the city. Each of us have put up one of our images clicked in Mumbai.

Eagle Eye – Ravi E
Mumbai offers quite a few vantage points from where one can observe the city and its busy denizens. This picture was taken atop Yeoor hills and one can see the suburbs of Mulund and Bhandup below and, the Airoli creek in the distance. Views like these offer a brief respite from the hustle and bustle of this maximum city and rejuvenate your senses before you head back to the grind.
Cricket is the greatest thing god created on earth, certainly greater than sex, although sex isn’t too bad either ~ Harold Pinter – Siddharth Samant

Gully cricket is one of those things that define Mumbai, coming behind Bollywood and festivals. Also being the country’s favorite pastime, one does not care about the rules and the only thing that matters is beating the opposite team, by hook or by crook (that also includes a tad bit of cheating). Almost everyone out there has been through a gully cricket phase. Meeting up on SundayAfternoons and setting up the pitch at some ‘Gully'(Hence the name Gully Cricket) adjacent to their cribs. The only rule for gully cricket is that there are no definite rules, Yes! From one bounce out to ‘Mehra Aunty ke flat ko laga toh out’ and they vary from street to street.

The rich swell up with pride, the poor from hunger ~ Sholom Aleichem – Jasmeet Singh

In the corner of a trillionth part of this megacity, Mumbai, I saw this guy lying on an inch of a mattress, probably trying to beat/survive an illness/poverty.
Despite India’s economic growth, the gap between richer and poorer households has not been bridged.
One of the world’s top 10 centres of commerce in terms of global financial flow, Mumbai is also home to Asia’s largest slum.
The number of BPL (Below poverty line) families has grown up 18 times in the last 7 year’s.

Serenity – Sujan More
The Global Vipassana Pagoda in Gorai, quite different from the usual Mumbai one observes. It represents a Mumbaikars desire to find peace and calmness, in this never resting city. It is that “serenity’ that is being depicted through this picture.
Golden glory of heaven and earth – Chirag Thannirbhavi

A cusp-a place where the earth ends and the heaven begins. The Haji Ali Dargah is one such cusp among the many religious centres in Mumbai. The bird soaring above is akin to the soul getting deliverance with your sins getting rinsed away by the mellow sunlight.

Carpe Diem – Jay Thakkar
Seize the day in this busy city life. We never get time to look around and appreciate the beauty around us. A short drive on the Bandra Worli sea link offers one some much needed peace of mind, while it’s majestic view from the shore awes your senses.
Lifeline – Mayur Malusare

Mumbai Locals! People describe them as most chaotic, crowded, efficient and a lot more. Newbies might struggle to even get into the train (kudos to them if they manage on stations like Dadar & Kurla). However, the average Mumbai Local train service ferries 6.1 million passengers daily. Maybe more, and hence they are often aptly called as the lifeline of Mumbai.

The Maximum City – Shreyas Jani

Ideally yes, this city never sleeps. Clicked from a highrise in the western suburbs, one can see the lights from the distant buildings fade away slowly, but not completely. Mumbaikars are hard-workers. Like the tenacious ants in an ant hill, they are forever engaged in some or the other activity. Like the traffic on the flyover and the local train trail just below it, Mumbai is always in motion. Night is just a phase, the rat race is constant.

I would like to thank the whole team for being a part of this collaboration. I am happy that thebrowniris//PROJECT has finally started. It is an absolute honor to work with all of them. 

Thank You,


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  1. Appreciating the work done by this blog team to make us see the real beautiful things around…. Mr. Chirag Thannirbhavi what an amazing click superb timing!! Hats off!! Splendid click bro…just super likes… \m/

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