Walking in and around Dadar.

Dadar is pleasant. Okay it is not, but I managed to wander in the silent by lanes of Dadar last week. And yes, the lanes were pleasing to the eye. I instantly felt disconnected from the madness of Mumbai. I started my walk from Dadar station west to Shivaji Park and took an unusual route. Some nice old houses dotted the route. I have never attempted street photography and I thank Shrey for allowing me to post my debut street photography post on his blog! 🙂
The houses were shadowed by some tall sky-scrapers in the background, still, the area had its identity intact.

The neighborhood was old but the people were welcoming and didn’t make me feel like a stranger. 

Some of the houses had workshops which made Ganesha Idols. Artists working day and night to get them ready in time for the fest starting next month.
Back to reality.
An hour later, I arrived at my destination. The clouds had arrived upon the sea-link and I felt lucky enough to capture them.

After chasing project submission deadlines, working day and night, I finally got some time for myself and went clicking. It was a day well spent. Hoping for another outing soon!

Bhavya Iyer.


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