Going Mobile.

After I got my camera last Christmas, I almost had stopped clicking photos with my smartphone. So while my camera is away, resting at my place, I pulled out my smartphone and clicked pictures.


All the urban jungle captured from the 16th floor of a suburban high rise. The smartphone screen tricked me into believing that the image was completely free of noise. And yes, this is a cropped version of a much larger actual image. 😀


Sunset, again from the same high rise. I wanted to click a HDR image, but the smartphone (dumb rather) would never process the image.

It was quite a joy to just stand still and capture moments without the aid of a viewfinder (electronic in my case), but I surely missed the so called complexities of a proper camera. Using the phone to capture still reminded me of the days when I used to capture images strictly on phone and upload them on Instagram, square crop ratio of-course.

Come tomorrow and I’d get to use my camera. I am gonna go on a photo-walk with a friend of mine and do a small collaboration. Looking forward to that. Also, the blog gets a new theme and a banner. Banner designed by me! 😀 Hope you’ll like!


Shrey. 🙂


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