Welcoming Changes

Hello everyone! Been a while I wrote something on the blog. Well, this year till date has been an amazing one for me, on the social front at least. Met some great people out there, having brilliant photographic perspectives and brilliant personalities too. I kinda feel lucky to have collaborated with several people and learn’t many things from them.

When I first started the blog, I wasn’t sure it’d last this long. It’s been about seven months or so since I started out publishing my photography on blogger and I sometimes can’t believe the blog still gets updated with my work. I have also been glad to have hosted the rather much hyped but short lived “TheBrownIris//PROJECT” where eight of us came together to do one of a kind collaboration in the suburbs and the city.

Things change and the blog is evolving. A couple of new things have been planned. For starters, my friend (and my mentor when it comes to street photography), Jasmeet Singh is gonna share his work on this blog as a full time contributor which essentially means he wont be a guest over here and his posts wont be tagged and categorized as guest posts. He’s gotten a full authoritative right to publish his work the way he chooses to. After a couple of posts, the blog would have a separate page where his work will be categorized into a single link, meaning all his work could be viewed directly through that link.

By qualification, this guy is an engineer and is now pursuing MBA from a reputed institute near Mumbai. He has his roots in Delhi and the whole BrownIris team (team meaning the guy who is reviewing this post right now over a cuppa coffee and me) loves the way Delhi has grown upon him. He started off with a point and shoot and has moved to his dream camera, a Canon 600D. He has been traveling considerably for the past year and is kinda famous on Instagram too.  Whatever experiments I am doing in the street photography genre are highly inspired by him along with my understanding of the scene and the subjects. So yeah, I am glad he is contributing exclusively for TheBrownIris.

For a while now, I had my eyes on a film based camera, or simply a SLR. I wanted to shoot film and explore the enormous possibilities which come with shooting film. On the negative side, I had to give up on that dream of owning a SLR and going a bit old school. While on the positive side, I am planning to collaborate with people I know who shoot film extensively. This whole thing is gonna take up some time, so may be after I get free from my acads, I’d be able to start the whole old school film thingy.

And there are a lot of young guys out there who are taking up photography, and I am particularly inspired by the perspectives they use to make the subjects show in a way I can’t imagine at all. TheBrownIris//PROJECT may be abandoned for now but may be that would serve as a starting point for another such collaboration with people who inspire me.

Anyway, need to get back to my engineering life now. Got some assignments to complete and a unit test sometime later. Will catch up soon. While I end this post over here, Jasmeet gets ready to post his.

Have a good night and a bless sleep!



P.S. Here’s an old photo of Jasmeet and me. 😛

Jasmeet trying out my Fujifilm camera. I get to play the guide over here. :P

Jasmeet trying out my Fujifilm camera. I get to play the guide over here. 😛


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