Navy Day

The Indian Navy celebrated its th Navy Day on the 4th of December. I went to watch the parade at the Gateway of India. “The Navy day is celebrated by Indian Navy to commemorate the start of Operation Trident during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. The one-night attack the Indian Navy sank three vessels near the largest Pakistani port of Karachi. Operation Trident resulted in first use of anti ship missiles in the region.”

The place was filled with people and the atmosphere was full of patriotism. The parade was the highlight of the whole ceremony and I was so glad to witness that. Also, I walked into my friends from Instagram- Bhavya and Radha, but I was so busy clicking pictures and moving here and there that I ended up losing them in the crowd!  😀 Take a look at the pics. 🙂


The Gateway of India with the India Tricolor and the Navy flag.

Click below for more pictures.


The Navy Parade.


The band reminded me of my school days. I was a member of the school march past band and played the bass drum on sports day while the leader for a girl guides batch for the Republic Day parade and leader for a class for the Independence Day parade.


Watching them go.


This particular picture is the favorite from the ceremony. I composed it keeping two elements in sight. For instance, two kids, two helicopters and two men from the navy, displaying their rescue skills. A part of the scaffolding in the bottom right plays a spoilsport, but I was happy with the overall image.


I crossed paths with Bhavya and Radha and was asked by Bhavya to click the above image. Thanks for the tip.


A Navy personnel displaying his skills mid air on an Aerospatiale manufactured SA 319 B Chetak (Aloutte III)  .

It was a nice day. I was glad to be there before time and I loved the parade. Of some 68 pictures I clicked, these are my favorite. Hope you’ll like them!

Have a nice day.
Shrey. 🙂


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