Shooting Street: Show of Hands

This picture here is a part of an ongoing project where I find similar subjects in foreground and background and try to have them positioned in a single frame. For instance, the position of the hands of the cab driver, the cab color and the cabs are same. To get a drift of the whole themes, you can find a post similar to the one over here. The man has his hands rested on his waist in the foreground and the one in the background too has a similar pose.

Show of Hands

Show of Hands


It feels good to notice such patterns when on the street. When I clicked such shots in the beginning, I felt I won’t really find many similar patterns and had decided to abandon on the whole thought. But now that I have started being a bit more observant than I already am, I feel I could pull off a series on this theme.

Hope you’ll like the post. Comments are appreciated.



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