Shooting Street: The Transporter

There is more credit and satisfaction in being a first-rate truck driver than a tenth-rate executive~ B. C. Forbes

I never felt so stupid after I took this shot. I was supposed to visit my friend Siddharth and after I got down from the bus I saw this driver sit in the driver cab of the truck. He was deeply involved in his thoughts. I had seen him from a distance but hesitated to remove the camera out from my bag and went past the truck. I finally gave in and removed the camera from the bag and hoped he would be sitting in the same pose. I clicked his picture once and twice and thrice and may be recomposed the shot a couple of times. In the meantime, this guy didn’t even move. I obviously don’t know what was he thinking but I was left stunned for a while.

Anyway, the year is coming to an end and I hope to put up some of the good photos I managed to click right from January before I become inactive for a while.

Have a good day y’all!
Shreyas. 🙂


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