Incredible India: Gangtok from my Camera Phone

Back from the Gangtok trip and I feel good to be back home. I kind of miss the vibe of that city and those hills but then, I love my home sweet home. And here are some pictures I clicked with my camera phone. I was pretty impressed with the quality of the pictures. Some are straight from the phone meaning no-edits and some have Instagram filters applied.


This was the first picture of Gangtok I clicked in daylight. The city witnesses sunset by 5-5:30 and since I arrived there in the evening the previous day, I didn’t get a chance to click pictures with the phone that day. // Overlooking the NH 35-A which slithers through the city, constructed by the Border Road Organization of the Indian Army.

Click below for more pictures.


Mount Kanchenjunga. This picture is special as it tell us how small things seem in front of a mammoth peak which has a distinction of being the Third Highest Peak on the Planet. // Gangtok, SG Marg/Tibet Road.


View from the hotel room. This is the point to be if you wish to see the sunrise. // The Royal Demazong, Gangtok.


7:14 am, Gangtok.


The Mount Kanchenjunga and her sibling peaks. // Tashi View Point, Gangtok.


Cloud cover over the hills, Gangtok.

I have already uploaded these on Instagram, follow me there @thebrown_iris and the tag #tbi_sikkim for more pictures of the Gangtok trip.

Have a great day everyone.


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