Khotachiwadi Chronicles.

I have been staying in Mumbai for 9 years now, 3 of which are the initial years after my birth and the other 6 are the recent ones when I relocated to Mumbai after living in Kolhapur and Nasik. For all these years, life in Mumbai has been pretty good. I love going to South Mumbai to explore places like Marine Drive, Chowpatty, Colaba causeway and the Victoria Terminus station. Since majority of the people from my community have businesses downtown, I tend to help my uncle with his business while admiring the aesthetic beauty of places around Crawford Market and Lohar Chawl.

The geographical history of Bombay has always amused me. That a railway station existed beyond Churchgate and all of Marine Drive lies on a reclaimed piece of land always made me read more and more about Bombay. And then, I came across Khotachiwadi, a heritage village.

Khotachiwadi is a small cluster of houses styled in Portuguese architecture. As per Wikipedia, it was found in the late 18th century by Dadoba Waman Khot and hence the Marathi name Khotachiwadi which literally means “Village of a Khot”. Most of the residents are descendants from the original inhabitants of Bombay. I had this urge to visit this place ever since I read about it on the internet.

A sudden Sunday morning call to fellow hobbyist photog Mayur to tell him about Khotachiwadi translated into a concrete photowalk plan. A quick word to our best friends on Instagram was conveyed and we assembled at Dadar. We then boarded a train to Charni Road, from where Sakshi took us to the place. What we saw next is….


The entrance to Khotachiwadi. Photo contributed by Devansh Rangani.


A typical house in Khotachiwadi. Photo contributed by Devansh Rangani.


This RE Classic with war era paint caught our attention. Not a CI engine though. Photo by Shreyas Jani.


While most of the houses in those tiny lanes are painted in bright shades, this particular wall seemed to be losing it all. Photo by Shreyas Jani.


On almost all photowalks where we decide to come back with some good photographs, I make it a point to walk with Jasmeet as I love the way he uses light to his advantage. This day was no different although I gave him a tip to shoot street in RAW + monochrome mode so that he’d have a quick understanding whether the picture looks good in color or black and white. He never switched back to color previews on his camera ever since. Photo contributed by Jasmeet Singh.


The village has narrow lanes although not all the roads are narrow. Some can accommodate large sedans while some lanes make it impossible for two people to pass through easily. Photo by Shreyas Jani.


Narrow lanes and old bungalows are getting dwarfed by towering structures as the village lies in a prime residential hotspot. Photo by Shreyas Jani. This photo is also contributed to Wikipedia’s Khotachiwadi page.


The symmetry that never was. Photo by Shreyas Jani.

The Team: L-R Mayur, Anuja, Jasmeet, Me, Sakshi, Devansh, Ravi and (bottom) Ashveta.

To be out on a Sunday with friends was fulfilling and we all got to discover this 5 centuries old village.
Till next time,


P.s. I’d like to thank Devansh and Jasmeet for lending pictures clicked by them and Ravi E for ironing out the grammatical creases for this post.


4 thoughts on “Khotachiwadi Chronicles.

  1. I read about Khotachiwadi yesterday and you again made me read about it. Just the way the internet took you there, it too is going to soon take me there. 🙂

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