Inspirational weekends: TEDxGateway

The year has come to an end (almost has) and I am headed for a weekend winter trek to Harishchandragad near Malshej Ghat. As always, this is gonna be a last minute hush-hush post. So many pictures to upload to the blog and so less time. Well, this October gave me an opportunity to click pictures at the TEDxGateway Conference in Mumbai. The October end- early November weekend was packed with people, amazing and inspirational talks and some great photographers (Grammar Nazi’s, please don’t judge). Without further ado, here are some pictures in black and white (without any descriptions to individual pictures this time) from the three day event held at Tote on the Turf, Taj Colaba, and NCPA Nariman Point.

IMG_1260 IMG_1348 IMG_1406 IMG_1418 IMG_1424 IMG_1481 IMG_1504 (1427 x 1904) IMG_1536 IMG_1557 IMG_1645 IMG_1674 IMG_1922 IMG_1968 IMG_2015 IMG_2123 IMG_2195 IMG_2259 IMG_2281 IMG_2309 IMG_2362 IMG_2317IMG_2440 IMG_2444 IMG_2476 IMG_5946 IMG_5974 IMG_6148 IMG_6154_1 IMG_6169

I hope you’ll like these. Happy holidays to everyone.
Take care!
Shrey. 🙂

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