Shooting Street: Capturing the Innocence.

Kids are fun. I miss being a kid. When I was little, I used to dream of growing up. Growing up would mean not attending school and working in an office seemed fun! Not now. All those dreams I saw as a kid were kinda rubbished off as I grew up and I seriously miss being a child, being carried on my dad’s shoulders, going for movies with parents, getting chocolates and presents on birthdays, playing on the slides and running here and there all the time!

Last month while I was out covering the Ganesha series for the blog, I managed to click some innocent faces in the crowd. Here they are!


Not without my mother~ A kid clings on to his mother while waiting in line to seek blessings at the Lalbaugcha Raja Ganesh Mandal.

Click below for more pictures.


A baby fills a hole in your heart you never knew was there~ Author unknown.


Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate~
This easily is my favourite image from the series. The kid was very much excited as soon as I turned my camera towards him. He posed for me as if he had a pair of binoculars with him held near his eyes.
I on the other hand was struggling with the distance because he was too close for a zoom lens. His excitement was vanishing slowly and I was lucky enough to just click his “mood swing” in time. God bless that kid.
~ Taken near Grant Road station during the Ganapati Visarjan processions, Mumbai.


Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven~ This tiny tot was too confused about what was happening around him.


Mumma’s girl~ Clicked the mother & daughter just after exiting from Lalbaug.


My biggest hobby is hanging out with my family and kids~ Joel Osteen


Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see~ Unknown author.


Sitting on his dad’s shoulders, the kid explores the world around him.

All the images were captured on a Canon 600D with a Tamron 70-300 mm lens and post processed in Lightroom 5. I thank my friend and fellow photojournalist-to-be Jasmeet for being kind enough to lend me his camera.

Have a nice day!




6 thoughts on “Shooting Street: Capturing the Innocence.

  1. Excellent street portraits.

    Given the laws, and the not too unfounded fear of children being harmed I’m reluctant to shoot children. I typically only do so if I actually know or are acquainted with their parents or guardians, and the kids.

    1. I don’t know of any laws present here in India because at times, I have witnessed lawmakers break the laws at will. Also, I generally rely on a zoom lens and not a prime when I am confident that I need that shot but not too confident that the subject would comply.

      There have been times when I take the viewfinder to my eye level and frame the shot, only to be rejected by the person in it. So I have been a bit aggressive at times which may be a bad thing, but usually gets me the desired shot.

      Also, if the person in the frame is too angry, a gentle smile and showing the picture I took of his/her generally makes up for it.

      About kids, I don’t think I can ask them to pose for me. They have to be natural. They are like the tiger in the wild, you can just candidly click a picture of him. The moment you flash your camera near his face, his mood can get spoiled and you wont end up getting the “roar” you desire, in the picture. On the street, its best that one remains discreet. 🙂 All of this is what I have learned from my personal experiences. And I hope I learn a few more things from the streets.

      Thank you for the follow-back and the comment. I am glad you like the pictures, sir. Its always great to have comments from people who can inspire me. 🙂
      Stay blessed,

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